To Ride a Horse is to Fly Without Wings. 


Welcome to the new and improved website of RDA Group Whangarei

RDA Group Whangarei is associated with the New Zealand Riding for the Disabled Assn Inc, which comprises 53 Member Groups. We offer varying service according to the needs of our riders. The three general fields covered by us are:

Therapy and Rehabilitation;

Education, Behaviour Modification and Social Contact;

Horse Riding for Sport and Recreation for people with disabilities.


Please feel free to browse our website at your leisure and learn all there is to know about our Group and what we are about. Maybe you would like to apply for lessons, or you would like to contribute, make a donation or become a part of our enthusiastic team?

Then please, do not hesitate to contact us by phone, fax or e-mail or even visit us in Barge Park Showgrounds, SH14 Maunu, Whangarei. You are most welcome to come and meet us, our horses and our riders. 

We hope you enjoy our website and wish you a wonderful day!



 I Saw a Child...

I saw a child who couldn't walk
Sit on a horse, laugh and talk
Then ride it through a field of daisies
And yet he could not walk unaided.

I saw a child, no legs below,
Sit on a horse, and make it go
Through woods of green 
And places he had never been
To sit and stare
Except from a chair.

I saw a child who could only crawl
Mount a horse and sit up tall.
Put it through degrees of paces
And laugh at the wonder in our faces.

I saw a child born into strife
Take up and hold the reins of life.
And that same child, I heard him say,
Thank God for showing me the way.

John Anthony Davies

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